40 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. Here is a detailed list of the best digital marketing tools to help you gain brand credibility, reach, act, engage and convert your target customers, optimize and obtain better conversion rates and accurately measure all results. 

Digital Marketing Tools
Best Digital Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

Guide to Understanding Different Types of Digital Marketing Tools and Their Functions

Tools, in general, are very important in our daily lives, as we rely on them to perform most of our daily tasks. Tools make it easier to carry out tasks and save a lot of time and effort.

In the world of Internet marketing, digital marketing tools occupy a very special place. Perhaps a person can survive for some time without using tools, but for those who depend on their work on the Internet like you and me, tools here represent the essence of their work and almost nothing can be done without them.

Digital marketing is an art that has plans and strategies. It has tools that pave the way to achieve the desired goals for each marketing campaign, and enhance the success of those plans and strategies, with the multiplicity of technologies, and the competition of digital marketing service providers. Entrepreneurs aspire to search for the best digital marketing tools that stimulate effective communication with their customers and provide the most accurate data and analysis on their activities.

As a professional digital marketer, you must choose your marketing tools very carefully. Who among us wants to waste time, money, or effort with tools that do not achieve the desired purpose?

I wrote this article in order to make it a source for the most important digital marketing tools in all its branches.

What are Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital marketing tools are a set of digital technologies and software used by e-marketers to accomplish many tasks in the marketing process.

Traditional manual marketing is no longer sufficient and feasible in light of the technological revolution we are experiencing, so digital marketing has imposed itself on the scene with its tools and strategies that enable any marketing campaign to succeed.

The term marketing automation is associated with the term digital marketing to describe those mechanisms and software that marketing automation platforms provide to automatically automate manual tasks, such as email marketing tools and social networking sites.

The importance of digital marketing tools lies in the countless advantages, including:

  • Increase productivity, save time and effort.
  • Lower cost compared to traditional marketing.
  • Get accurate statistics, data and analytics.
  • Make every interaction with customers fantastic
  • Create a marketing campaign that goes beyond boundaries

40 Category-Wise Digital Marketing Tools

Below we review some of the most prominent specialized digital marketing tools, as they meet the needs and specializations of each marketing campaign, divided according to their function.

Content Marketing Tools

Content is always king, but no matter how meaningful and valuable the content you are marketing for, you must follow the standards and rules imposed by the search engines algorithms that your content must comply with, in order to ensure that this content enables you to create a successful marketing campaign. And this is exactly what digital marketing tools offer for content marketing.

In short, online marketing tools will help you: Build powerful digital content, analyze the market and its statistics, perform a best-in-class competitor analysis, learn the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing plan. 

The most prominent digital marketing tools for content marketing are:

  • Canva:
  • Ulysses:
  • GatherContent:
  • AnswerThePublic
  • ContentStudio:
  • BuzzSumo:
  • Grammarly:
  • Pexels:
  • Shutterstock:
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

No matter how great your project is, it is useless if it isn’t seen by as many of your target audience as possible.

The goal of every marketing campaign is to seek to appear at the forefront of search engines, and this is the role of SEO or the so-called search engine optimization.

The truth is that SEO is not easy, but with so many digital marketing tools that help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search engine results, it has become easier to get a top advertising campaign.

Among the most prominent SEO tools are:

  • Ahrefs:
  • SEMrush:
  • Google Search Console: 
  • Majestic:
  • Moz Pro:
  • Serpstat:
  • Mangools:
  • HubSpot:
  • Ubersuggest:
  • Yoast:

Email Marketing Tools

When you’re on your way to building an email marketing campaign, remember the statistic that 78% of people check their email all day, and 66% of them, especially entrepreneurs, consider checking email the first thing they do in the morning. Therefore, you should not lose sight of one of the most important digital email marketing tools, most notably:

  • Mailchimp: 
  • Hubspot Email Marketing:
  • ConvertKit: 
  • SendGrid:
  • Lemlist:
  • Moosend:
  • Constant Contact:
  • Sender:
  • Omnisend:
  • Mailjet:

Social Media Marketing Tools

Digital marketing through social media must be an integral part of your marketing campaign, as it is the most popular base with a huge number of potential customers or target audience.

Here are some of the most prominent marketing automation tools for social media marketing:

  • IFTTT: 
  • Buffer: 
  • Zapier:
  • Hootsuite: 
  • TweetDeck: 
  • Social Champ:
  • MeetEdgar: 
  • Friends+Me: 
  • Headline Analyzer:
  • Brandwatch:

Points to Consider before Using Online Marketing Tools

1. Tools are a great and very effective way to help you succeed, but your success as an e-marketer will not necessarily be achieved by owning the required tools, but it is achieved as a result of your effort and ability to use these tools to achieve your goals.

2. Before buying or using any marketing tool, you should ask yourself, “Are the possible outcomes worth the price paid or the time spent on it?”

3. There are a lot of great online marketing tools, but you just have to choose the ones you actually need. This depends on the nature, size and number of marketing projects you are working on, and also depends on the marketing goals and vision that differ from one marketer to another and between one time period and another, even for the same project.

4. Although there are digital marketing tools geared to specific specialties, there are many tools that are suitable for more than one specialty. For example, there are tools that are suitable for those who work in the field of commission marketing, and also suitable for website owners.

5-. The market for online marketing tools is so large that it is difficult to include all the tools in one topic. For example, you will find dozens of tools that perform the same task.

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