How to Become a Successful YouTuber (Step-by-Step Guide)

YouTube’s popularity continues to grow. Everyone wants to become a YouTube star and earn money. Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to become a successful professional YouTuber.

How to Become a YouTuber

How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel and Become a Professional YouTuber

YouTube is no longer a regular social media platform, but rather it has become the second most popular search engine in the world.

YouTube has pushed thousands of people to leave the television and stay in front of phone or laptop screens to browse and devour the visual content on YouTube.

YouTube has allowed many to publish their own video, to spread with one click, like a virus, regardless of its content, so you may be one of the lucky ones and your opportunity will be the easiest to make money.

YouTube has given many young people the opportunity to start a different business style and make money by creating and producing visual content on their personal YouTube channels.

Every day a new star appears on YouTube, and whether you own your own channel or plan to start, you must pay attention to two points, the first is that you will not become famous overnight and the second is that you have to go through the experience to find out !!.

The most important question remains: How to Become a Successful YouTuber? The answer to this question lies in the following practical steps that will ensure that you have a distinguished position on the most important YouTube video platforms.

12 Simple Steps to Become A Successful Youtuber In 2021

Here are the 12 simple steps you need to take in order to become a successful YouTuber:

1. Create a Professional YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is not difficult. Setting up a successful YouTube channel takes a lot of work … but don’t worry.

Trust us when we say the benefits of being on YouTube greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Don’t let your initial nervousness get in the way of trying this powerful channel.

It might be great to create a promotional video introduction for your channel to urge the first visitors of the channel to subscribe and write a nice summary about yourself in the information tab of the channel, add your blog or social media links, and put an expressive image of the channel and a beautiful cover.

Here are some important tips to create a professional YouTube channel:

Sign in to an existing Google account, and click “Create” to activate your new YouTube account, be sure to select a username that is the name you want your channel to be.

On the homepage, click on the avatar icon within the top right corner of the screen and include your YouTube icon.

Add a channel description and the description should clearly state who you are and what value your YouTube channel provides.

Create your YouTube channel art. This is the first representation of your brand when viewers visit your channel.

Upload videos to your YouTube channel, make sure to include the title of the video, description, and tags.

Create attractive thumbnails for each video. The effect of this is similar to whether you will be a propagandist for a movie, and accordingly, you may decide to see the movie first? Make it motivating and bear the call of “Watch me … watch me now.” Great videos with boring thumbnails will not make others watch them.

Add playlists to your YouTube channel. Be strategic when naming your playlists. The playlists can help users spend more time on your channel.

Optimize your YouTube videos to get views, ensure that your YouTube channel will give viewers a professional perception of your brand.

Do not forget to choose great titles that others can search for, always think of what others will type in the search box, which will enhance the visibility of your videos more and more.

2. Know Your Audience Well

Start your channel with a clear and specific audience in mind, because this will help you very much to address your audience in a way that achieves the results you aspire to, in addition to that, it will help you determine the form and topics of the content that you will share with your viewers.

In fact, many YouTubers deal with this point as if it is achieved automatically according to the content that is presented. Whoever talks on his channel about food recipes is intuitively targeting those looking for food recipes. This is why many do not care about knowing the audience more deeply.

In fact, knowing the audience goes beyond just presenting content that interests some people on YouTube, so a deep understanding of the audience makes a big difference between professional YouTubers and others who are confused.

It is worth noting here that defining the audience should be done in general when choosing the idea of the channel and the nature of the target audience for it, and it must be done in particular when making each new video.

3. Create High-Quality Content

The quality of your videos is the first determinant that your success depends on, So always take quality as your motto. Don’t skimp on investing any time, effort, or money into making your channel’s content more quality.

Today’s users are faced with an endless choice of channels that provide them with high-value content, and in return, they expect to find any channel they are likely to subscribe to.

And for this, keep well the elements of quality that others expect from you, which are clear sound, good picture, very good lighting, and professional editing.

In theory, the more high-quality content you produce and publish, the greater the chance for you to reach and grow your channel, but this may not be available to you especially in the beginning.

Fortunately, today there are hundreds of video applications that can help you get your content out professionally, because videos, as we indicated, have become more popular than before.

Youtube videos Quality includes 4 main areas:

Content quality: Yes, in our country, non-quality videos still have a share of views, but that will not last for long, due to the entry of new competitors who can provide more quality content.

It is worth noting here that quality does not mean specialization in the scientific and cultural fields, but even comedic videos can become more quality, as long as they are performed more professionally and with respect to the audience.

Picture quality: You have to make every effort and use all external help, whether people or tools, to produce your videos with the best possible quality in terms of picture clarity, lighting control … etc.

Sound quality: This is the point that many beginner Youtubers ignore or ignore. The sound element is very important as is the picture element. You have to take care to record high-quality audio at an appropriate level in order for it to be clear and crisp for your audience.

Montage quality: Product quality is the element without which everything will be useless. You can put a lot of effort into photography and produce amazing content, but that will not be complete without making this video in the best possible form.

4. Upload Your Videos to YouTube Regularly

You have to create an appropriate plan and schedule that you can adhere to in posting new content to your YouTube channel. Creating a high-quality video on your channel is great, but continuing to put new videos on your channel is even better.

A video every week may be suitable for many, but if you can publish more than one video per week, this will help your channel grow faster.

Always get YouTube video ideas, implement them without hesitation and keep producing more and more.

You can use Youtube Analytics to see the most active times of your audience and publish your content during these times, then tell in your videos that you will commit to publishing your content at this hour every week, for example! Make sure to respect their times and discipline in publishing your content periodically, this discipline will benefit you in supporting your march towards making a great impact.

Maybe at first, you will find it difficult to get views because no one knows you. Also, the process of creating a video will be slow because you are not experienced or low experienced in the beginning, and this may disappoint you!

So you should always put in front of you that everything will become easier and faster with the passage of time. You will gain the experience and skill that makes you produce videos faster, and your channel will also start gaining followers over time, making your videos get views easier over time.

5. Improve Your Skills Day By Day

You cannot be a YouTuber in any field unless you are an expert in it, so you have to develop yourself and your knowledge every day, maybe this requires you to take a number of training courses? Or read a monthly book? Or see the practices of experts and competitors in your areas of interest.

The production of visual content is not an easy matter, so it is important to be passionate about what you share with others as producing a single video takes on average more than 6 hours, as indicated by 67 percent of YouTube influencers in a Grapevine survey.

The important thing is to provide content that you are an expert in, and if your followers notice the thinness of the above, they will be alienated from your channel in turn!

If you think that sharing information for the sake of sharing it might make you a YouTube influencer, then you are making a big mistake! The truth is that people like to see that you are the greatest believer in your content, so do not skimp on showing your enthusiasm and that you are the biggest fan of what you talk about.

The most popular trends or topics provide a great opportunity for you to produce content that others are looking for, thus enhancing your chances of appearing to them and subscribing to your channel, but this requires you to quickly produce relevant content and also be careful not to be drawn into topics that are not useful and not related to your areas of interest.

6. Learn the Basics of YouTube SEO

It is known that YouTube, in addition to being a social networking site specializing in videos, is also a search engine, and it ranks second after Google as the largest search engine on the Internet. In order to get natural visitors to your videos through YouTube, you need to learn the basics of YouTube SEO.

It is worth noting here that Google has recently become a lot of videos appearing in search results, and this means that by improving the SEO for your videos, you will get views through Google as well.

Here are some important factors to maximize videos views on YouTube and boost your video’s search ranking:

Keywords: Creating videos based on search rates for specific keywords is the first step in getting your visitors naturally. The higher the search rate for a keyword, the stronger the motivation to video it in order to get natural views (this is of course taking into account the level of competition).

A successful YouTuber should plan content according to search rates, which reflect the users’ interest in certain topics as opposed to others.

Creating videos based on the search rate for keywords is very important under any circumstances, even in the case of intense competition for the keyword and the difficulty of reaching the first results in it.

There is still an advantage that your channel contains videos that the audience is interested in, and when this audience reaches your channel in any other way, they will find content that they are interested in and search for.

There is another strategy – other than targeting keywords with high search rates – that enables you to get views from YouTube and Google search engines, which is targeting popular topics at a specific time (Trends).

Video quality: Do not forget that we are still here talking about improving your videos for search engines as one of the points of answering the question “How to Become a Successful YouTuber?” Video quality is the second factor and this is a very important factor in your path to success as a YouTuber. 

YouTube now has all the capabilities to measure the level of image and sound quality for every video that is attached to the platform, and it intuitively wants to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for its users.

Based on this, do not expect your video to appear in search results if its quality is poor.

Interactive video: Let us agree that a giant like YouTube, with all its artificial intelligence, software, and technological capabilities, will not be fooled and show your video in search results only because it contains the keyword being searched for. So it closely monitors how the audience interacts with your channel and what the videos are on.

Always make sure to make your audience feel that they are your partner on your journey, so it might be nice to ask them what would they like to see in the next video? Or what do they think of this or that video? 

Ask them about their recommendations for you and their opinions on a topic or issue. Ultimately, this will help you produce a lot of relevant content for your audience.

7. Interact with Other YouTubers

You must be watching videos that are similar and close to your area of interest, so add your rich comments to those videos.

People are more likely to read your comments and click on your name, and this gives them an opportunity to access and subscribe to your channel!

Competitors are a great source of inspiration to get ideas for new videos for your channel and to borrow some filming and directing techniques.

Learn from other YouTubers, but avoid it affecting your individuality. Remember well not to become too involved in what others are doing, so you fall into the mistake of imitating them and lose your identity, and become just a copy of another.

Open up to the ideas of others, but be unique and add your touch, so that the results will come and have what distinguishes others but is unique and different from any other YouTuber.

Also, cooperating with other YouTubers will facilitate your path to success a great deal. In the beginning, you don’t have to try to collaborate with big whales or even competitors, but you can find opportunities to collaborate with channels that are not within your channel’s specialty, but there is a connection between them.

The collaboration here takes a lot of pictures including:

Create a video jointly with a prominent YouTuber (you can get this opportunity by featuring yourself in an item that others need).

Agreeing with a channel to suggest one of your videos to their audience, and in return, you do that as well.

Agreeing with a channel to publish one of your videos on its social media pages, and you do so in return.

And there are lots of other ideas that you can use to take advantage of the effectiveness of collaborating with another YouTuber.

8. Learn from YouTube’s Own Sources

Let’s agree on something very trivial: YouTube is a profit-making site whose primary goal is to generate the highest revenue.

To achieve the highest rate of profits, it needs more users.  To attract more users, it needs more good and attractive videos.

The main sources for uploading videos to the YouTube platform are the publishers and you are supposed to be one of them or plan to be.

The more successful and professional YouTubers (who provide good, valuable, and attractive content), the more profits YouTube can make.

It is clear, based on all this, that YouTube is the site most interested in you as a YouTuber, and most keen on your growth, development, and success.

This is not my opinion, YouTube has a special platform to serve the education and development of content creators, and make them more successful, this platform is called the YouTube Creator Academy.

This platform is available in different languages, and it contains dozens of useful lessons that are divided into training courses in an organized and professional manner.

9. Follow YouTube’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

You are asking how to become a successful YouTuber, and this means that you want to continue on this platform, and strive for more success and development. 

The matter is very simple, as the publisher on YouTube is like a person who wants to live in a new country, and wants to be a family and prosper and grow in this country. And this of course requires him to study and understand the laws of this country and avoid breaking them, in order to ensure his survival in this country.

You are advised to start by reading YouTube’s terms of use and community guidelines, study them well, follow them and avoid breaking them under any circumstances.

A true YouTuber who wants to succeed on YouTube must respect YouTube’s terms, policies, and laws.

10. Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Creating quality, authentic, and value-oriented content that focuses on helping the viewer won’t pay off as long as you ignore marketing your videos.

Marketing is an essential component of everything that happens on the Internet. Marketing yourself as a professional YouTuber through your personal social media pages may be one aspect of your marketing efforts.

But you should expand your marketing efforts further, perhaps creating pages for your channel on social media, and making some advertising campaigns gives you a startup.

Also, do not forget that you can make paid ads on YouTube itself, and get more views paid, and of course, this will greatly help your channel grow and inform the audience about your content.

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11. Make Every Video in Your Channel Aims to Help Your Audience with Something

Helping others is something that makes us feel happy and comfortable, but for you, as a YouTuber, it is not the traditional form of a helping idea. Make a positive goal behind every video you include on your channel, and this applies to all types of channels, whatever their specialty.

Even comedy channels every video has to have a goal: to help the audience entertain, laugh and have fun.

You might think this is obvious, but the truth is that a lot of channel owners fall short of this point.

Their videos contain a lot of fillers, sometimes self-centered, and try to gain attention without putting the audience’s help first.

Remember, your viewers are smart enough to discover that your videos are really meant to help them, or if this isn’t your top priority. Make helping your viewers the primary goal of every video you post, and you will get significantly better results.

12. Look for Opportunities to Share Your Videos Outside of YouTube

Building external links for videos is very useful in boosting their visibility in search engines, so share your YouTube videos on your social media accounts. Look for opportunities to share your video on popular question sites like Quora and Reddit. Look for questions that some of your videos may answer and share them nicely.

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