How to Make Money from Your Blog: Top 5 Blogging Ideas

Blogging has become a profitable online profession in this digital age and people at large have started blogging to enter this noble profession.

If you have any questions about how to make money blogging, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn all the blogging aspects that will help you get started.

how to make money blogging
How to Make Money from Your Blog: Top 5 Blogging Ideas

How to Benefit from Your Blog: Top 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

If you are just beginning your way into a blogging career and have a lot of questions about profit from blogging.

Here we will answer your questions related to profitable blogging and introduce you to the top 5 proven ways to benefit from your blog/website and how to make money from blogging in 2021.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging is a type of digital journalism, as it gives people the opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences and perspectives on various issues with others. 

Remember that blogging today has become a marketing tool not only for people but also for companies! 

Profiting from blogging is one of the most preferred methods for many freelancers and entrepreneurship worldwide.

This is for many reasons, such as providing the benefits of self-employment and the possibility of achieving a very abundant income with more flexibility in work, effort and time, especially for women and mothers in particular.

Of course, blogging is like any other freelance job that requires constant effort and endeavors to learn, keep up with the new, and invest in yourself in order to keep yourself in the zone of competence. But what distinguishes it is that you spend the time and effort and get paid for it repeatedly, unlike any other freelance job, where you work once and get paid for your work and so the deal ends.

When we talk about creating a website or blog, we mean a professional site with paid web hosting and not a space on free hosting such as Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Paid web hosting gives you professional features and thus good results and the ability to expand your business field and develop your site unlike free hosting, there are many reasons that creating a free blog to profit from the Internet is a wrong idea.

So our main source of profit will be professional blogging, here we are professionals, not amateurs!

Blogging professionally means creating content with the aim of earning money, this content is a group of articles or writings that add value to others, teach them something, and even enjoy them! Where you attract your desired audience and market your services, products, or services of others that you profit from by adding information they are looking for or an answer to a question they have.

Content writing is a broad science that can only be learned for the sake of working with.

One of the most important advantages that blogging offers you is that you can extend bridges of communication between you and potential customers and specialists or those who want to specialize in your field, by providing useful and interactive qualitative content that helps the audience to solve their problems related to your company’s field of competence, which will build trust in you and your products at the long term.

There is a small additional advantage of blogging but a big one at the same time, which is that writing articles and blogs on your own website contributes to the development of your “search engine optimization” or what is known as SEO.

The more you include keywords in your articles and blogs, the more you will have a new opportunity to appear as a result of someone searching for that keyword.

So, you improve the chance of your presence on search engines in a healthy and effective way.

Can You Make Money from a Blog?

Yes, you can work with a blog and make money from it. But once you decide to become a blogger, you need a lot of effort, dedication, focus, flexibility, determination and patience because results don’t come suddenly.

The good news is that you can make a great profit from blogging but the bad news is that you cannot become a professional blogger unless you come to the idea that your blog is your whole business from home.

You have to take care of it in terms of design, valuable content and good marketing. You have to add various profit sources and develop permanent plans and strategies to increase your earnings. If you treat it as a hobby and a luxury it will also let you down.

There are many benefits to being a professional blogger other than making money. If you take the financial gain for granted, you can take other benefits like;

You have the opportunity to create a name for your personal brand.

You can facilitate getting another job by working on your blog.

You have the opportunity to get the extra time that can be used to employ your skills in freelance work, whether on freelance sites or through direct agreements.

You can generate income opportunities by means of relationships gained from blogging.

And before we start listing the different ways to make money from blogging, it is necessary to know the most important facts about blogging. 

Blogging is not a quick way to make money. There are actually easy real business ideas such as trading and mutual funds investment that help in making money quickly, as well as high-profit e-commerce projects. Despite the quality of the financial return from professional blogging, it is not among these methods, unfortunately!

Professional blogging is like creating a service organization! If you start your own company, you will need several skills.

First, master the services that you will provide, this requires investing some money in learning – reading about blogging and creating websites.

Buy books, take courses if needed, know and learn the tools professional bloggers use to manage their work, as well as your experience in the field you have chosen to blog about.

Create a blog with a simple, minimal, and clean responsive layout, stylish and elegant web pages that look good on all devices. 

Present your services in a good and attractive way – Coordinate the blog and write valuable content.

Market your business – publishing the content on social networking sites and preparing it for search engines.

Then finally make money from the crowd.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog Website

top blogging ideas
Top 5 Blogging Ideas

Here we will present a set of effective and proven ways to make money from blogging and start profit from your blogs.

1. Place Ads from Google AdSense and Other Trusted Companies

If you want to make money blogging, you have to try running ads on your blog and make some extra profits. Of course, when it comes to ads, the best is Google AdSense ads. Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to earn from blogging.

Ads are one of the most direct ways to profit from blogging as you add ads to the content you create. this may be at the top or in the middle of the article or on the page itself in a dedicated place, for example in the sidebar or even through the media if you are mining videos, for example, and these differ according to what you prefer and what the institution you are dealing with imposes on you.

Google Adsense automatically displays ads on your site according to the content.

There are many alternatives to Google AdSense and trusted ad companies that you can consider for your blog/website.

10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives: 

You can work with other ad companies to advertise and get paid well too, including:

  2. Taboola Native Advertising.
  3. Amazon Associates Program.
  4. Monumetric
  5. MediaVine
  6. PopAds.
  7. Infolinks.
  8. Propeller Ads.
  9. AdThrive.
  10. Chitika.

When talking about ads, you should know that there are two types in order to profit from ads.

Profit from the cost per click (CPC): simply an ad appears on your blog, the visitor clicks on the ad and you earn money.

Profit from Cost per mille (CPM): CPM or cost per thousand impressions is typically used in measuring how many thousands of people your advertising has hopefully left an impression on. Here Google AdSense pays for 1000 ad views.

If you want to add ads to your blog from the first day, then you are welcome, but you must know that the ads will not bear good fruits unless you have a large number of visitors. 

An audience specialized in specific content is the same as the field of displayed ads. And therefore it is recommended of course to specialize in one topic that the searching audience will resort to when searching for something related to it.

2. Use Your Blog for Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to profit from your blog, the easiest way to start earning online from your blog is to use affiliate marketing and make some profits while you are at home.

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which an (affiliate) or advertiser earns a commission by marketing the products of another person or company.

Affiliate marketing is a popular technique to increase sales and generate significant revenue online.

If you want to use your blog for affiliate marketing, you have to put some custom links inside your articles.  Every time a visitor clicks on these links, you will get some money. These links will be for a company, or a brand, possibly a link to buy (a t-shirt, an e-book, or a service).

When the visitor clicks on the link, he will be directed to the company’s purchase page, and when the purchase is made, you will receive the commission.

Some bloggers in India and the USA make thousands of dollars a month from their blogs just from affiliate marketing and add a million dollars a year from the different profit methods I’m talking about now. So the matter is real and serious.

Some Indian professional bloggers earn thousands of dollars a month in the same way, but the disadvantage of Indian blogging in general, except for a very few, is that the site includes so many topics and does not specialize in one thing.

Consequently, if the search engine or social networking site leads you to one of the sites, you read one article and then exit and not come back again because you did not find complete content that revolves around your interest only.

The affiliate marketer should bear in mind that the confidence of his audience in him is important to him and his survival.

Therefore, it should not be marketed for everything that falls in its way, but rather for products that he has already tried, or at the very least, search carefully for its quality and reputation and read reliable reviews about it, this keeps him trusted by his followers.

3. Benefit from Sponsored Content or Paid Article

In this blog monetization method, you are writing content for a company or a brand to market to it.

In other words, you are writing a paid article. Paid articles are articles that a blogger writes as a review of a specific product or even as a product filter for his followers.

For example, Xbox has launched a new technology or game on its devices, for example, you write an article about this technology or game and you get money in return (of course with the agreement with the company).

In order to be able to write (content like this), you must have a large audience. Brands and companies will only communicate if you have a blog that has an impact on your readers.

For example, if you are a doctor and decided to create a blog that specializes in educating mothers in general about pediatrics or gynecology, what should and should not be, and thus address medical products that support the child’s development during pregnancy or during early childhood. 

Your blog became famous, gained a lot of admiration, and gained a good following. For example, drug companies contact you and offer a fee to write an article about the type of vitamins X that supports the growth of children to ensure the confidence of customers “visitors to your blog.

If you want to profit from blogs this way, yes, it is possible, but it is a long way. Indians do not enjoy this culture very much.

To benefit from Sponsored Content or Paid Article, you have a good blog, and you offer great content.

You have a large number of readers who are waiting for your articles to get the latest news and developments from you.

You have the ability to influence readers and provide content that no one else can provide. If you reach this point, you can be an artist even with profit (the art of blogging). At this point, you can go and write paid content.

Many bloggers write paid content, which can only be seen if you pay for it. This method is very popular for profit from foreign blogs.

If your blog is on WordPress, you can easily create and write paid content with some WordPress plugins.

This type is good as a way to make money from your blog, but it should be implemented with extreme caution! A professional blogger should not recommend a product that is not of high quality to his visitors without being personally convinced of it, otherwise, he will lose the trust of his visitors little by little!

4. Profit from Working as Freelancer

Blogging opens up new horizons for you in ways to earn money online.

If you have a blog and you provide high-quality content through it, i.e, you are an expert in the blogging field, you can take advantage of this experience, work as a freelancer, and provide services in blogging, or in any other field in which you have experience.

There are many benefits to freelancing. You are your own boss, you pick your own hours, and you have to choose the type of work you do every day.

If you find a good niche, you can make large amounts of money in short periods of time. This means that it is possible for you to become a millionaire.

The freelance fields are large and encompass all aspects from programming and design services to translation, writing, analysis, education, and many more.

You can offer your services on your blog, or on freelance websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, and many other sites specializing in microservices.

For those who want to make a steady income or retire early, here are the most profitable jobs in the freelance industry.

  • Content Marketing/Writing. 
  • Programming And Software Development. 
  • Web Design And Development. 
  • Graphic Design. 
  • Copywriters.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Social Video Marketing. 
  • Video Editors.
  • Blockchain Development.
How to make money online as a freelancer

First, register on a Freelance site. You have to enter the official website and create a new account.

After registering, you must fill in your profile and include information about your personal skills, capabilities, and other information.

You have to find a job that suits you on the site.

You should take care of creating a good exhibition of works, to benefit you during freelance work.

You should only apply for projects that you can work on, and do not submit randomly.

You have to take care of your business fair, it is very useful to get a job at the beginning.

5. Sell Your Products on Your Blog

The blog is not just a platform for publishing blogs, articles, and news, but it can be devoted to selling physical or digital products, as a way of employing them to achieve additional income that contributes to the continuation and development.

And when we say displaying products and selling products within our blog, we do not mean the affiliate method or affiliate marketing, but rather we mean to display your products or services and complete the purchase process within your blog.

And remember that selling products or services will be just a part of your site and not the basis, so do not lose sight of the content, especially if you have an audience of readers and you are a distinguished writer.

Selling your own products on your blog is the best way to profit from professional blogging as the full profit is due to you, not just the commission, and thus the return is rewarding. These products differ from one niche to another, for example

A Cooking Blog may sell a recipe book either in print or online.

A Photography Blog may sell stock photos to bloggers, webmasters, or photography courses.

An Education Blog may sell digital publications, worksheets, or books.

A blog on pregnancy/maternity might write pregnancy tips, postpartum care, newborn care, life with kids, etc.

The travel blog may sell region guides for travelers and those looking for recommendations.

How to display and sell products on your blog

This method will enable you to create an online store within your blog and sell your products and services through a page within the main menu, or in different places in the blog such as the side column or the top/middle/bottom of the articles.

If you are using WordPress, you will find the steps very easy, and we will try to simplify them further to find the best possible way to sell your products or services. This is as follows:

1. Download the WooCommerce plugin by going to the Plugins section and clicking “Add New”.

2. Type WooCommerce in the search field, and install the WooCommerce and WooCommerce Blocks plugins that will enable you to display the products in the sidebar or within the articles.

3.After activating the plugin, create a new page so that you can add it to the main list in the future within the blog categories, by going to “Pages” and then “Add New”.

4. Choose the page name as you like, then publish it, and do not worry about it appearing in the foreground, the page will not appear until you attach it to a specific list.

5.After creating the page, return to WooCommerce in the menu to start adjusting your store’s settings.

6. Go through all the settings and adjust them to your convenience, all of them are simple and things are set in them such as your address, your preferred currency, including your local currency, communication methods, security, payment and shipping, and others.

Among the important settings under the “Products” tab, choose the store page that you created, which will contain the new products that you will add.

7. Now add the first product by going to WooCommerce then “Products” and then “Add a New Product”.

8. Write the name and description of the product, just as you would when creating a new article or page.

9. To the bottom a little, select the product image, then the product type if it is a downloadable digital product or a virtual product such as services, or leave it blank if it is a tangible product.

Then enter the hypothetical product price, and its price after the reduction if there is a discount.

10. After that, click on Publish, and preview the product to appear in this way.

11. Up to this point, the product has not yet appeared to visitors. To place the products page in the main menu, go to “Appearance” and then “Lists”.

12. Choose the main menu, then click on Select.

13. Choose the new page that you have created, then click on the “Add to list” button, then move the page to the appropriate place as you like above or below, then click on “Save List”.

The Products Page in the Blog List will appear like this.

14. To add products to the blog sidebar, go to “Appearance”, then “Widgets.”

Then a little further down you will find all the widgets for products, their ratings, reviews or just a product search engine to your liking.

You can always learn about sales statistics and reports from the same WooCommerce window, as reports or statistics are one of the most important tools for product and sales analysis.

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