Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs for Students

If you are a student and you need to earn extra money without investment to cover your expenses but you do not have time to go to a job, or you simply prefer to work from your home, these 10 work from home jobs for students are a good option to earn money while studying.

Work-From-Home Jobs for Students
Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs for Students

Online Part-Time Jobs for Students Who Want to Earn Extra Money without Investment

Work and study are two combinations that many of us have had to experience at some point in our lives. Fortunately, there are online part-time jobs for students to earn money at home that you can combine with other activities. 

There are many companies that are looking for youth. Even for some businesses, it is interesting to have workday job profiles of students who are curious, have interests, and know various subjects. But there are many students who are not able to find good online jobs while looking for work-study job descriptions.

In this case, the best option is to work from home without investment and earn money online while studying.

College students always want to do well to earn some extra money. One of the great options that there are today are remote jobs or work-from-home jobs that you can do from anywhere without having to go to any location.

Of course, working remotely brings many benefits beyond relocation. In addition, there are more and more options for remote work both for other companies and for yourself.

You can choose from where to work in your room, the library, the cafeteria … you do not need to go anywhere and work for an exact number of hours, you can choose your own work schedule.

There are many work-from-home jobs for students. Let’s see the most common ones!

10 Best Online Work from Home Jobs for Students

In work-from-home jobs, you can decide the number of hours you are going to work and how you are going to do it. Even the schedule: in the morning, in the afternoon, on weekends or, why not, find summer jobs. These are the jobs for students that you can do from home : 

1. Content Writer

The work of writers is not only limited to writing novels and books, but more and more, a new profession based on writing for Internet pages is booming.

Blogger, copywriter, or content writer,  are the three most common names for this type of job, which is increasingly in demand in companies in any sector. 

If you are good at writing, web content writing can be one of the points to consider to earn extra money. It is not about writing content for a bestseller, rather working on articles, stories, reports, interviews, recipes, tips … for other blogs or information web portals. If you are a regular at reading blogs, you know what we are talking about.

There are many web portals where you can find this type of job. You can get in direct contact with your favorite blogs, write them a couple of sample articles and apply for a position, many times the positive response from the mainstream media can surprise you.

2. Text Translator

A text translation job is another specific job for students.  Freelance translator and copywriter jobs are perfect if you want to work as a translator. There are many companies that use freelance translators for specific jobs and they do so through online platforms. 

Some people have a very little volume of work to translate, they only work for some communication or very specific things. 

There are many companies looking for professionals who have translation knowledge but who can solve your problem easily and quickly. 

Although you may think that if you know another language well you can do this type of work, it is not recommended, since being a good translator does not only consist in knowing how to speak a language, however, this type of assignment is perfect for university students. If you know a language well, it may be better for you to teach people of a lower level. 

3. Transcriber

Transcribing requires little or no prior experience and is a good fit for remote student assignments.

The work is very simple, you listen to audio and write what you hear. Although it sounds like your dream job while you’re in college, a remote job that requires you to pay close attention to detail.

Working hours are flexible, thus fitting in well with the academic schedule. You can choose between several languages.

Like most jobs, working as a transcriptionist is not for everyone. Although it may seem like a simple job, it may not be so for many.

Sometimes, the files you listen to will have very poor quality, making it difficult to understand them. Also, it is repetitive work. You will have to listen to the audio several times to ensure that it has been transcribed correctly.

The salary of a transcriber will depend a lot on the company that hires them, the work they have to develop, and even the language in which they do it. It is ideal to know how to properly negotiate your salary.

4. Designer

Designing is a very specialized profession and it is for those who are studying something related to design, engineering, or architecture. Many people need designs that don’t require a lot of complexity.

Some companies are looking for someone to create a logo, a web banner, or some simple advertising or corporate image for them. Something that without a doubt a student with basic knowledge can also do. 

You’d be surprised how many people are looking for online jobs that are simple, easy, and low-stress high paying jobs. You just have to search job posting platforms and you will see the amount of work you can do. 

5. Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the easiest options for working from home. This type of employment has emerged in the present era and there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants. 

Virtual assistants are qualified professionals who provide administrative services to companies. These professionals work from home or anywhere else (coworking, cafeteria, hotel …).

Having an administrative person who acts as a personal assistant is something that not everyone can afford, virtual assistants were born to lower costs, which, from home, work for several people and companies without moving. 

Virtual assistants manage their calendar, their contacts, their appointments and even have those awkward conversations that many entrepreneurs do not want to have with suppliers or clients. The only thing you will need is a computer and time to be available. 

It may be one of the lesser-known jobs, but you will be surprised when you discover how many things you can do to earn money and you probably haven’t thought about them. 

6. Online Tutor

If you are doing well in your studies, why not use that experience and help other students through the internet? It is very easy to become an online tutor and earn extra money helping other people achieve their goals.

Private classes are perfect for studying and working at the same time. Especially since many students have fresh knowledge and take the opportunity to transmit everything they know before becoming a professional teacher. 

But the downside is that you usually have to move from one place to another and if you want to have more than one student the waste of time and money is too much. What if there was some way to teach many students without leaving home and without setting up an academy?

The solution is in online classes. Something that is becoming more and more fashionable and effective. Although at first there were very few students who take private online classes, right now, thanks to the development of technology, teaching online classes has become so easy and safe that everyone can learn whatever they want.

You can advertise within your web portal and check the box for online classes or discover an online learning platform designed to give private lessons online in the best possible way. 

You can become an online private teacher or think about being an extracurricular teacher. You will be able to plan the classes, communicate with all your students and make a huge amount of money.

7. Social Media Manager

Several companies are looking for talented social media managers to manage their accounts on various social networks. 

Social media managers will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts, and responding to followers. They will manage the image of the company in an articulated way to achieve their marketing objectives.

As a social media manager, you have to keep up to date with the latest developments in digital technologies and trends in the social media arena. You must have excellent communication skills and be able to express the views of your company in a creative way.

Your ultimate goal must be to manage the company’s presence on social networks, guaranteeing high levels of web traffic and customer acquisition.

8. Photographer

Working as a photographer is one of the great options to work around the world. Photography is one of those hobbies that is well treated and at a certain point can become a great profession.

If you are a photography student or something related to the image, you probably have a good library of images. This may interest more people than you think and may pay for it. 

There are many photo galleries that serve to illustrate media or web pages. They buy photos from professional photographers and then resell them to whoever needs them. They use all kinds of photos of all kinds of things. 

Maybe you can get some money from that beautiful photo of your cat on platforms like Shutterstock. You can also join their staff of photographers and even if they do not pay too much per piece, you will probably get simple and quick orders. 

9. Travel Agent

Travel Agents assist individuals, groups, or professionals in planning and organizing their travel itinerary. Such advice ranges from the purchase of tourist packages to the reservation of air tickets and accommodation. By virtue of this, these professionals must be familiar with the process, in addition to having the relevant skills for the selection of flights and hotels to provide the necessary information to their clients in a timely manner. 

Many travel agencies focus on certain types of destinations and travelers, some are exclusively dedicated to offering business trips and have agreements with certain hotels and airlines, while others prefer to provide their services to those looking to enjoy a vacation offering pleasure or adventure trips.

10. Online Seller

Another good way to get extra money is by selling items through web pages. You can sell your own items to buy at good prices and make it sell more expensive, this works, although it is true that you have to find the ideal item.

You can go to second-hand stores and get items at a good price, or you can also follow web pages to buy more and sell them more expensively. You can develop an eye for items that can make the most money selling online, a tip, they are not usually your typical items.


The most important thing to earn money without leaving home is that you know how to organize yourself. Have a certain routine and patience when looking for work from home jobs online. If you are going to have several clients, what you have to inspire is professionalism.

Even if you are looking for an online part-time job for students, you should not stop thinking that after all it is a job and someone will be trusting your work to fulfill their objectives, so take it seriously because this type of work may start your professional career.

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